Lisa Lucca

Check out You Are Loved... an email memoir, co-written with my partner, Mark. 

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Excerpt from Out In the Open by Lisa Lucca  All rights reserved 2018

 My work in progress . . .

My current work, Out in the Open: a story of acceptance, is a memoir that centers on my relationship with my gay dad and how it has impacted my life. Even though I just started writing this story last year, I have been writing it in my head for the past 40 years.

As an ally to the LGBT community, I hope my story connects with other families who have experienced this unique dynamic and brings understanding and healing to them. At the heart, mine is a story of a family and the challenges, triumphs, joys and judgments that are woven through the fabric of our lives as we stumble towards acceptance.


I lost my dad in 2013 and it is there my story begins . . .

If the choice to live an authentic life came with a steep price, would you pay it? When lifelong friends Mark and Lisa reconnect after many years, they are both seeking something more in their ordinary lives. Cynical about marriage, yet devoted to his young daughter, Mark is seeking life purpose and direction, while single mom Lisa is embarking on a new career and looking for love. So begins a ten-year email conversation that delves into life’s biggest questions about true love, meaningful work, and connecting with God. Capturing the essence of what it means to risk everything and redefine your life, Mark and Lisa’s story takes you on a journey that explores the nature of love, truth and the choices that shape our lives.​