I know how hard it is to get published in today's crowded marketplace. As a life coach, I've helped many clients birth their books. When it was my turn, after doing all the classes, the seminars, the queries, the workshops, and receiving the rejection letters, I decided to publish my books independently. Taking on the arduous task of learning all that goes into self-publishing, I put out You Are Loved with my partner, Mark. Many years later, after a close call with a hybrid publishing contract, I did it again with my memoir, Ashes to Ink. Only this time, I took more extensive classes and hired a crack team to help with design and editing excellence. My marketing background was a huge help in making my memoir an Amazon #1 New Release in both LGBTQ+ Parenting & Families and Single Parents. Last year, two of my authors had #1 New Release bestsellers, too. 

Let me help you develop, finish, and execute your beautiful book. 

We can bring the magic to make your dream a reality. 

If you have a book project you want to see on the shelf, please call me to discuss your project. I can help you finish your book to prepare for querying agents, write your book proposal, or discuss publishing options. You will be surprised to learn that you can publish a high-quality, gorgeous book for much less than you think. Below are books from authors Lisa has worked with.

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