Acceptance struggles to emerge from a cocoon of family secrets ...

After her parents' divorce in 1974, Lisa Lucca's idyllic Midwestern childhood is shattered when she learns her father is gay. Sworn to secrecy, she begins carrying the emotions of her family like a cracked bucket, making a mess as she embarks on a life of rebellious choices.

Decades later, faced with the aftermath of her father’s death, Lisa revisits the complicated relationship she had with him, delving deeper into the stories she’s held about love, sexuality, and the family she comes from with a shimmering clarity that arises from her grief. 

A story of heartache and the power of forgiveness, Ashes to Ink shines a light on the challenges of living true to who we are. 

Lisa Lucca



I believe we are all artists, for art is merely self-expression that evokes emotion. Me? I write.

Throughout my life, writing has been my deepest way of expressing myself. Words are what I use to paint a picture, using bold strokes to make a statement or the thinnest line to whisper a longing. All facets of my life have been drenched in the beauty of language. My life as a writer began nearly a half-century ago, yet my life as an author is still young, and sometimes, unsure of herself. I have always written in diaries and journals, on scraps of paper that get tucked into the back of diaries and journals. Yet, deep down I know that the most magical writing gets read by others and connects with their heart and soul in a space of kindred knowing.

That is why I'm here. To share my words, my truth as I know it, and connect with others so they may feel something that brings them joy, or understanding, or piss them off enough to look into their own hearts and ask why. I want to create art that evokes emotion, that heals a wound, or starts a conversation. 

Stay tuned for excerpts and essays along the way and thank you for reading.